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Our story

It all began on Christmas Eve in 2018. My husband and I were on our way to church when we received a text that would change everything... 


Our neighbor texted that they would not be able to attend the Christmas Eve service with us because they had just seen a two-line post on Craigslist stating that a children's receiving home nearby needed Christmas gifts for 60 teenagers. After hearing about this, we immediately got on board to help and joined several families in purchasing and delivering gifts to the shelter that night.


In the weeks that followed, my husband and I felt that we needed to do something to help. We began praying that God would show us what he wanted us to do to serve him and those in need. Soon after, we both felt a sincere calling in our hearts to start a nonprofit to help foster and displaced children in need and provide resources to help them thrive. The name of our nonprofit is Give.Hope.Love™. 


During the course of launching our nonprofit, we knew we wanted to offer the latest digital event fundraising and experience technology. After looking around at what was available in the market, we decided to build our own platform. 


As we shared our technology with the nonprofit industry, we kept getting the same feedback;  "This is wonderful, but can you share the event fundraising platform with other organizations as well?" We launched the parent company ZGIVE™ in 2019 and have since launched faithbid™ our faith-based brand. faithbid™ utilizes the ZGIVE™ event fundraising platform technology, and through this faithbid™ brand offering, we are able to provide more targeted support for Christian ministries, churches, and schools.


Today, Give.Hope.Love™. is the nonprofit foundation directly supported by ZGIVE™ and faithbid™. But we are so happy that in addition to this, we are now able to help thousands of other organizations raise more money for their cause and make a bigger impact.  

Tricia Roseveare


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